January 20, 2014

Another Journal Article Calls For Improved Trans Healthcare

Stroumsa, D.  (2014). The state of transgender health care: Policy, law, and medical frameworks. American Journal of Public Health. e-View Ahead of Print. 

There has been a bit of a windfall recently of articles examining the state of transgender healthcare and services in the United States and finding them lacking. The latest is by Daphna Strousma (2014) and published in the American Journal of Public Health. Her findings are in line with the rest: trans care is in a poor state in the US and it needs to be improved. Significantly, she also calls out the lack of transgender coverage in medical insurance policies, saying that “Current policies denying medical coverage for sex reassignment surgery contradict standards of medical care and must be amended.”

Other recent journal-published calls for improved trans healthcare include Gardner & Safer (2013), Kosenko et al. (2014), and Bauer et al. (2013). There’s a growing consensus in the literature. The question is, will the medical community — and more importantly the healthcare industry — hear the message?

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