January 19, 2014

Introducing TransgenderScience.info

Transgender Science has moved to its own domain, TransgenderScience.info!

While Tumblr has been good to this project, it’s simply not set up to do everything with this blog that I hope to do with it. It’s very much about intra-service sharing and it has no real way to comment on posts [reblogging isn’t the same]. However, the Tumblr feed is NOT going away. In addition to continuing to crosspost articles from Transgender Science, TransSci Tumblr will continue to reblog interesting Tumblr content and to answer Asks about TransSci topics. 

Meanwhile, TransgenderScience.info is going to continue to create interesting articles that explore the scientific and skeptical side of gender identity. In addition to the new comments section, I’m hoping to create more static resource pages with links to research and other websites. I am also hoping to invite volunteer guest writers on here who may want to contribute to the collected knowledge about transgender science.

This page may change in the upcoming weeks as I settle in and explore what WordPress can do. In the meantime, feedback about the move, the new site design, or new site content is welcome and appreciated.

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