January 19, 2014

HRT Month Two: Owie!

Warning: this post contains TMI. 

Has it really been two months since I started HRT? It doesn’t feel like it, but sure enough, I began before Thanksgiving. Which means I’m entering the third month … the month where the WPATH SOC says the good stuff begins! <<crosses fingers>>

Two months in and things are going fine. My bloodwork after the first month was fine, but there was no mention of upping my estrogen dose (grumble-grumble-grumble). Meanwhile, the act of taking the pills has quickly become mundane. So much so, in fact, that I forgot to take them a couple mornings in a row before work and so had to set a daily reminder on my phone so I wouldn’t forget again. Taking pills is important, but no longer particularly noteworthy.

As for the results? There’s been one noticeable development: pain. Specifically, pain in and around the nipples, which have developed a hard spot behind them. Casual research tells me that this is because there’s something going on back there, that my body is beginning to rearrange the plumbing to my nipples, and that it’s the first signs of impending growth.

The pain ebbs and flows, but in general they hurt, sometimes more than others. They really hurt when I’m cold, which is great since I’m in Michigan, in January, in a year where we have broken records for low temperatures.

The plus side to all this is that they’ve also gotten “puffy”. On a thin woman they’d be just that; but I’m still overweight, even 60 lbs. lighter, and I have leftover “man boobs” from my overweight highs. On me, the “puffy” looks more like “perky.” I have felt justified in starting to think of them as my “breasts,” even though there’s very little there that’s actual hormonal growth.

Shut up. They’re mine and I’ll call them whatever I want.

The other real change this month also brought me pain. HRT is supposed to soften the skin, but it also dries out the skin, as estrogen inhibits the sebaceous glands (the things that make the oil). I have never, ever had to deal with dry skin before, but this month my skin has dried out. Specifically, it really dried out during the week we had record-setting cold — did I mention I’m in Michigan in January? — and I, not having good skincare habits yet, foolishly used an abrasive makeup remover one night. The result was a red, blotchy face for most of the next week.

The temperatures have moderated somewhat since then, and some humidity has returned to the air. I’m also on a twice-a-day moisturizing regimen to help things out. I haven’t smelled the unique scent of Oil of Olay since I was a kid, but now it’s a regular odor in my nose!

On to month three …

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  • With every new development came the realization that it was all a part of being in the sisterhood! I used to think I had moobs but since I realized that I was never a man in the first place then I couldn’t have had moobs.

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