January 8, 2014

Operation Gamer Girl: November, December, and January

Operation Gamer Girl got a little lost in the recent holiday rush. I haven’t checked in with this little gimmick since October! I suppose I haven’t felt terribly pressured by it. Things are moving at their own momentum.


November had one big achievement: starting HRT. Of course, it was an achievement as simple as keeping the appointment with the HRT doctor. And I did, so victory is mine! Starting HRT was a real milestone of an achievement for me, so I’m feeling good that nothing got in the way of beginning.

My financial goal for November was an easy one again: take money out of bank, place money in closet safe, go about my day. Moving forward, though, this one is getting tighter (see December). Still, $225 is stashed away at the moment with GenCon’s name on it.

Weight loss was also an easy goal this month. In fact, I not only achieved my primary weight loss goal this month, but I achieved a secondary goal as well: I dropped 50 lbs.! Ah, it feels good.


Money and weight both suffered over the holidays, as I thought they would. I failed my December savings goal, mainly because of Christmas shopping. Honestly, I didn’t save a dime this month, but I feel I achieved a minor victory in that I didn’t spend any of the money I had previously saved. Ah, the holidays!

I barely made the weight loss goal, dropping about 4 lbs this month. But since I’ve been so far ahead in recent months this doesn’t bother me. Besides, the sheer act of not gaining weight during the holidays was a major achievement as far as I’m concerned. The first Christmas in at least a decade where that’s been the case.

I also had the achievement of coming out to my children, which was a major obstacle to my coming out to the rest of the world. So at least one thing went my way this month.


So where does this leave me in the new year?

As far as weight goes, my next numerical target is to hit 250 lbs. 250 lbs. was the target weight I had set myself when I started Operation Gamer Girl. I’m actually below 260 right now (257 as I type this), so 250 is a lot closer than I expected. If I get back on track for eating right, and if I get back into the gym (I haven’t been since November), I could conceivably get there by Valentine’s Day; that will require a new target for OGG! For January, I’ll shoot for 5 lbs.

I don’t have any hard goals set for January beyond the weight and the savings.I have long wanted to make a larger January goal of coming out coming out publicly to friends and family, but I need to navigate that one with my therapist first. That timeline is loose.

Also, I would like to grow some breasts. Maybe January will be that month. Not holding my breath …

[Incidentally, I completely forgot to make any Achievement graphics for this post. Ah, well. I don’t want to delay it any longer. ]

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  • Ali, I really admire your methodical goal-setting. I suppose that, with all that’s going on in your life, there’s really no other way to fly! What’s even more admirable is that you are, for the most part, achieving the goals you set! That’s witchcraft as far as I’m concerned! *g* I’m thrilled for you that you’ve now come out to your children. A huge hurdle…now behind you! Way to go!


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