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WordPress just reminded me that I posted my first entry at Ali Finds Her Self one year ago today (when it was called Ariamythe FInds Herself). Happy Anniversary, blog!!!! And thanks to all the readers who keep me motivated to write more. I wouldn’t be doing it if you weren’t here.



pi314chron says:

Congratulations! It’s been quite a year for both of us. You zigged; I zagged, circled, and came back more or less to where I started from! Guess I didn’t make much progress, but then…I didn’t have any goals anyway! *g* Best of luck in 2014. I’ll continue to be here if you ever need someone to yak with.



Ali says:

The way I look at it, we both landed somewhere we’re content. That’s the best outcome for anyone.

pi314chron says:

chicken on the block —
content until the sudden
flash of the cleaver

I suppose the message of the poor haiku above is that we shouldn’t stretch our neck out too far in our search for contentment. *wink*


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