January, 2014

    Can You Help In Creating a Science-Based Transgender FAQ?

    There are plenty of great “transgender basics” FAQs and pamphlets out there for sharing with friends and family, or to serve as resources for basic Internet searches, but they primarily focus on the social aspects of trans, on questions of identity and pronouns, etc. I’ve got it into my head that some sort of science-based […]

    Drip, Drip, Drip …

    If I share this with you Never say a word They would never understand If they ever heard … — Blackmore’s Night, “Cartouche” The inevitable Facebook outing continues, albeit organically. I still have not “come out” publicly, still have not actively friended anyone, and yet people are putting two and two together and arriving at the […]

    Facebook Will Out You In One Connection

    Over the past year I have been so, so careful to keep my two digital lives separate. I didn’t use the same accounts, didn’t sign up for anything using the same e-mails, didn’t Follow myself or Retweet myself or ally with myself in Candy Crush. Then, last week I made a stupid error. It was […]

    A Question About Subtheraputic Doses of Estrogen

    A really good question was asked on Tumblr today: for the non transitioning m2f who gets great relief from estogen is there a low dose and or sporadic dose which would not grow breasts much? Also, does estrogen work cumulatively, or would i.e. a one milligram a week dose accumulate? To answer the second question […]

    Closer and Closer to the Bad Diagnosis

    My father has had another round of tests, and the results are still “inconclusive.” One thing is sure, though: with every round of tests, another possibility that it is NOT cancer gets eliminated. The next step is a biopsy. The CT scan identified a mass of some type in his abdomen. It could be a […]

    Recent Publications on Transgender Youth

    There have been a fair number of studies in the primary literature recently that have looked at transgender youth and their experiences. Below is a partial list of the most interesting from the last month or so, along with links to the PubMed abstracts (or the article, if it’s accessible online). Clark, T.C., et al. […]

    Another Journal Article Calls For Improved Trans Healthcare

    Stroumsa, D.  (2014). The state of transgender health care: Policy, law, and medical frameworks. American Journal of Public Health. e-View Ahead of Print.  There has been a bit of a windfall recently of articles examining the state of transgender healthcare and services in the United States and finding them lacking. The latest is by Daphna […]

    HRT Month Two: Owie!

    Warning: this post contains TMI.  Has it really been two months since I started HRT? It doesn’t feel like it, but sure enough, I began before Thanksgiving. Which means I’m entering the third month … the month where the WPATH SOC says the good stuff begins! <<crosses fingers>> Two months in and things are going […]

    The Miami Herald Interviews a Swedish GRS Specialist

    “Transgender medical procedures often complicated and expensive, says surgeon at Hollywood meeting.” The Miami Herald has conducted an interview with Dr. Genaro Selvaggi, a Swedish plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment surgery. It’s an interesting read that provides one professional’s perspective on the community and the surgeries they sometimes seek out. WARNING: Not for […]


    Transgender Science has moved to its own domain,! While Tumblr has been good to this project, it’s simply not set up to do everything with this blog that I hope to do with it. It’s very much about intra-service sharing and it has no real way to comment on posts [reblogging isn’t the same]. […]