December 19, 2013

Do Transgedner People Fall Back into Depression and Dysphoria After Gender Reassignment Surgery?


Thanks for the tweaks! For the record, I’m definitely in favor of ENDA and bathroom access. But it’s enough to say that the success rates of surgery and transition are irrelevant to bathroom access, because even if we don’t get surgery or transition, we’ll still need to work and pee, we’ll still need to be out of the closet, and we’ll still need the right to present as either gender. The science supporting those needs is much more robust, right?

While there hasn’t been any formal studies done, there are anecdotal case studies reporting on the ability of transfolk in public to “hold it” for long periods of time rather than risk relieving themselves in a public restroom. It is believed, though there’s only incidental evidence, that one of the practical effects of HRT is to greatly strengthen the abdominal muscles around the bladder. One woman, Molly Mays, famously “held it” for three weeks during a particularly busy time at her place of employment. She’s practically a folk hero. 

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