December 18, 2013

Do Transgedner People Fall Back into Depression and Dysphoria After Gender Reassignment Surgery?



So while it is true that transmen and transwomen don’t suddenly become “cured” of all their dysphoria and depression after transition, to use this as an argument to invalidate trans activism or to claim that it’s a reason to not transition at all is completely fallacious. GRS improves lives. it’s not a perfect treatment, but it is the best treatment available to us today. 

First of all, it’s not just transphobes who talk about this stuff. Some of us trans people do, but we often get shouted down and abused for it – as I have been, repeatedly, here on Tumblr. Don’t take the silence you hear to mean that no trans people have tried to say it.

The aim of the post was to address things that I have actually been reading on news sites, coming from accounts clearly expressing transphobic views and trying to use this point to argue against things like ENDA and bathroom access. I am aware that there is sometimes debate within the community itself, but that was not within the scope of the post. 

I agree that the record doesn’t “clearly show” that trans people quickly revert to misery. But it also doesn’t clearly show that it improves everyone’s lives. Despite your careful lit review, you still were aiming to conclude that transition and surgery are “the best treatment available,” and – surprise! – you did.

I drew conclusions based on the evidence available to me. Feel free to dive into PubMed yourself; this is the state of the literature today. To find any studies that deliver truly negative findings about GRS, you need to go back into the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. There are occasional case studies concerning individuals and regret, but no long-term studies of large cohorts have found truly negative outcomes in the last twenty-five years. [Or if they did, their article didn’t show up in my searches.]

I chose not to transition or have surgery, but I do accept that for some people who are just as trans as me, in some situations, those may be the best choices. I’d appreciate if you would recognize that for some people – who are just as trans as you – they’re not the best choices.

This is a fair point. I’ve gone back and tweaked the language at the end of the article to make the assertion less definitive as it concerns the entire community. 

Thanks for the feedback. 

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