December 16, 2013

HRT First Month: Patience is a Virtue


I can hardly believe it’s been four weeks since I began HRT.

No, really, I can’t believe it, because nothing’s really happened yet. Other than last week’s observations, I really haven’t felt much this first month. Is my skin a little softer? Maybe, though it’s hard to tell in the cold and snowy weather we’ve had. Is my hair changing? The hair on my arms and legs does seem to be growing more slowly after shaving. Am I thinking differently? Only when I look in a mirror; I look at myself now and I’m more confident in my appearence, more happy with myself, and more able to see the woman in the mirror instead of a man. But that could just be psychosomatic.

I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a slow process. The SOC only list one effect before month three on average, and I’ve already gotten that one. All good things to those who wait. In the meantime, I keep downing my pills — ALL of my pills — and hoping for the best.

I get my blood tested later this week and, according to my doctor, a likely increase in E. I’ll be sure to let you all know the results.

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  • Patience is not a virtue as the saying goes. Patience is simply what works in some cases, like taking hormones and doesn’t always work, like waiting in line to use the ladies room, although you can distract yourself by chatting with your neighbors in front and behind so that the time goes by quickly..
    I never shave my arms and legs I get them waxed by a professional and started even before I was taking hormones. Each time I did it they grew back slower and softer each time. I can’t remember when I last had my legs done but because I started waxing my arms after a couple of time with my legs they still grow back faster on my lower arms and hands. The hair on my abdomen and boobs grows so slowly nowadays that I very occasionally will buzz them with a small battery-operated shaver for women called a “Clio”. If you want to keep your sanity, I suggest that you stop looking for daily changes and just go about your business because it takes time for your body to adjust. It took almost 16 months before I noticed my waist narrowing which makes my hips look as wide as my me a classic hourglass figure for which we ladies are famous..

    • Thanks for the advice. I think it was impossible to not be excited and impatient at first, even though I knew intellectually what to expect. One month in, I’m feeling much more grounded expectations. I’ve shifted this (as you can see from the title) to a monthly update.

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