December 15, 2013

Spread Thin


Sat down to write this week’s HRT update, and realized that I hadn’t blogged since last week’s update. Ugh!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have written in the past week, just not here. I’ve committed myself to four different venues — this blog, Transgender Science, Skeptoid Blog, and AppSaga — and on top of a busy fall quarter I’ve barely been able to get more than a couple posts for each venue up each week. I’m really feeling like I have taken a little too much writing on my plate lately.

I don’t want to let any of them go, though. I’m enjoying myself, putting my name out there, and writing about things I love. But only one of the outlets pays (AppSaga), so the others are basically just for name recognition, though I can justify each of them on a personal level. This blog is for journaling nd mental health. TransSci is a personal learning project and some small attempt to contribute to the community. Skeptoid is chasing a passion I’ve had for years, and it also has the biggest readership of the four venues.

I suppose I can view this as an emabrrasment of riches. I’m lucky to have these outlets, to have these readers. Maybe a different approach, a more specific schedule in the New Year, will help. I don’t know. What I is know is that Fall Quarter is very nearly behind me, and so for the next few weeks at least I hope to keep things up to a more than once-a-week pace around here.

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