November 1, 2013

Operation Gamer Girl: October and November Goals

Well, October turned out to be a pretty gosh darn good month for Operation Gamer Girl. Check out the achievement board!

OCTOBERACHIEVEMENTSConsidering I didn’t go into October with a lot of clear goals, this month went pretty dang nice. I’m still a little stunned that I made it to the HRT appointment phase so soon. And, it means OGG has some obvious achievements in November!

On the subject of my two ongoing goals: The money thing was, once again, a no-brainer; I just took the money out of the bank and put it in the closet safe. The weight loss has surprised me a little bit; I blew away my modest goal of 5 lbs lost with a loss of over 10 lbs! I am under 280 for the first time in a couple of years. These two goals both appear to be firing on all pistons, and carrying them forward into the next month will be easy.

Here’s what November looks like so far:

1. Continue to lose weight. I’m still only cautiously optimistic about this rate of weight loss continuing. Let’s stick with 5 lbs.

2. Save $75 more. I get a Christmas bonus this month (I hope!) so this one should be no problem.

3. Make it to my first HRT appointment. It’s scheduled, I have taken the afternoon off of work, and all I have to do now is show up.

What else will November hold? I’ve decided to play it loose. I will be looking for opportunities to advance, but it’s hard to say what they will be. Only time will tell.


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