November, 2013

    Glaucoma: Another Possible Risk of Testosterone Use?

    August over at Hidden In Your Soul caught this one and sent it my way. It’s a study that is not directly related to transgender HRT, but that may have some implications for transfolk.  The study, Female reproductive factors and primary open-angle glaucoma in the Nurses’ Health Study, assembled long-term data on genetic female’s chances of […]

    Far Away At Thanksgiving

    I’m happy to say that there’s been nothing to blog about concerning my visit to my parents this week. It’s been a quiet, uneventful week here in the deep South. My parents welcomed me in with all the love they usually do; I’ve visited with my sister ad her husband; I spent two hours playing […]

    Visiting My Parents

    Today I will arrive at my parents’ house in Mississippi for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am traveling alone — the kids are traveling elsewhere with my ex — and will be staying until the weekend. I wont lie and say that there hasn’t been anxiety leading upto this  The last time I saw my parents, […]

    HRT Week One: All’s Quiet

    Since this is a journal of transition, it only makes sense that I might keep some sort of log of the changes and effects of HRT. I expect to do this on Sundays, as I started on a Monday and so Sundays break nicely into weeks. The first week of HRT has been rather underwhelming. […]

    Vanity, Thy Name is Ali Edwards

    So the OED has declared “Selfie” the word of the year for 2013. I can definitely relate. In the past six months, I have become a selfie maniac. It’s true! Ever since I began coming out as myself I have been snapping selfies like they’re required by law. I don’t think that there was a day […]

    Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy

    I earned a new Operation Gamer Girl achievement today. Yes, the day has come. I drove back out to Ann Arbor yesterday, to the clinic where I was to have my “New Patient Hormone Initiation,” and things went well. Really, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to post that achievement. [Actually, if […]