Ali Finds Her Self

I’d also like to thank you for having this blog! I’m planning on coming out to my parents over winter break, and this has exactly the kind of resources I’ve been searching for. Being able to show them objective scientific facts makes me a lot more confident about revealing my identity. :)
i just found your page.  I’m a transgender/transsexual male nurse. I’m so glad to find legit evidence-based blogs about transition, versus ones that speculate on rumor.  you’re wonderful!
Sorry to be anonymous, but I don’t have a Tumblr. I’m Toby. I am about to start taking testosterone – a low dose, 75mg of Sustanon every two weeks. My doc says that how noticeable the changes will be really depends on if I am a person who is sensitive to androgens. I guess this is obvious, but what I want to know is there anything that might give me an idea of whether I /am/ an androgen sensitive person or not… Like, say, the way my  periods are or something. Just curious! Thanks.
Hi I am a FTM only five months into transition, I know we talk about body and medical changes, but wanted to shared some changes I noticed and I have never hear before any where.  The most funny one I went from not eating hot sauce to now loving it, used to love some food, and now other, my taste buds change.  I now love basketball and not before. Testosterone changes are more then we expect or notice we just need to be more in tune with our body’s and more then one change are awesome. good luck