October 22, 2013

Ali on AppSaga

I swear, if my real-life transition would go as well as my online transition seems to be going, I’d have nothing to complain about.

This week, I have begun writing under my real name for the newly relaunched website AppSaga. I will be writing reviews of iOS apps, mostly games, on a semi-regular basis (probably about two a week).



Like my writings for Skeptoid, this is a big deal to me because this isn’t me writing about being trans or about trans issues; this is just me writing as myself about things I am interested in. Though I may still be mostly in the closet in real life, at least online I am starting to establish myself, to become myself. I am a little concerned that I’m multitasking too much — if you include this blog and the Transgender Science blog, that’s four blogs a week I’m committed to — but it’s worth it. Plus, this gig, unlike the other three, pays!

Ali Edwards, Internet sensation. Spread the word. 🙂


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