October 7, 2013

Her Dad Really Needs Earrings

earringsI was at a five year old’s birthday party this weekend in Dad mode, when I had this exchange with one of the patrygoers …

5 year-old: “Why do you have earrings?” 

Me (shrugging): “Because I want to.”

5 y.o.: “Boys can’t have earrings!” 

Me: “Sure we can. I have them.” 

5 y.o.: “But my dad doesn’t have earrings. I have them.” <Tilts her head to show her sparkly ear-bling.>

Me: “Well, boys having earrings isn’t a law. But maybe your dad should try them.” 

5 y.o.: <Looks at me skeptically, then gets distracted by other little girls.> 

Of course, inside I wanted to answer her objection by saying “Well, I’m not a boy,” but I couldn’t go there. Still, I don’t see any reason why her dad shouldn’t give earrings a try. They might look quite fetching on him.

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