September 30, 2013

Operation Gamer Girl: September Goals Revisited

I am quite pleased with the way September has gone in terms of my Operation Gamer Girl goals. I notched four goals this month, including all three of the September-specific goals I set.

Goal #1: Get Ears Pierced

I completed this goal right at the start of the month, and thirty-ish days later they’re healing nicely. I’m afraid to take the initial piercings out — I may give it the full six weeks to heal before trying to. There’s still some crusting around the holes.

Goal #2: Save $75

achievement_SEPT_SAVINGSThis one was budget-dependent, but once the budget was assessed it was pretty easy: I took $75 out of the bank and put it in the personal safe in my closet. I wanted to physically stash the money; just putting a line item in my budget for “Gen Con funds” would just be an invitation to spend it on something else.

Goal #3: Lose 6 lbs. 


I didn’t think I could pull this one off, but a concentrated effort to count calories and get to the gym four days a week really paid off. I know that when weight loss begins, those rapid first 5 – 10 lbs. are mostly water loss, but it still felt good to make this goal. With an entire month of good habits in October, I hope to continue this trend.

Speaking of October, I’m going to set those goals in another post. I’m still not sure what all I can accomplish next month.

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