September 29, 2013

Possible Site Disruption

wordpress-logoIt’s possible in the next week or two that this blog will either (a) go silent or (b) go away completely for a period of time. Don’t worry, it’s not going away. I’m just very likely going to try to move the site off of and onto a WordPress installation on a private server.

I am not sure of the particulars of such a transfer, nor am I certain about how such a move will affect things like Followers or feed links or whatever. That’s why this is a “maybe” and not a sure thing.

So that’s the short of this post: be aware that there may be a disruption, that your Follow links may not work a week from now, that you may need to re-follow me if you’re still interested in what I have to say.

For those curious, the reasons I’m doing this are twofold. First, I hate every free template available on Default fonts and default colors are two particular pet peeves of mine. There are days where I’ve had three, four, five different theme installs active in the space of an hour. Sometimes a theme install will be active for a day or two before I default to the rather plain one I’m currently using. I want to be able to use a template not pre-installed by the host.

I could pay $30 to access template customization on, but that leads to issue number two … I am already paying for site hosting somewhere else. I have webspace with Dreamhost. It is being used to house a personal Him blog and a website for a podcast that died earlier this year. But the site space is sitting there, waiting to be used. I’ve paid for a full year, so it’s money wasted. Moving to that site space will give me the template control I want. It will also allow me to map the site to the domain, which I purchased but can’t use on (without, again, paying a fee).

Anyone who’s ever moved a blog off-site, who can offer me any advice, is appreciated.

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