September 21, 2013

Operation Gamer Girl: Hair Removal

Yesterday I took the plunge and initiated a series of laser hair removal treatments as part of my Operation Gamer Girl goals.


I will admit to having mixed feelings about this. Not about losing the beard — I definitely won’t miss it when it’s gone. In that sense I’m very happy, and the step in my transition also makes me feel good. It’s the money that has me down. I’m not wealthy by any means, and honestly these treatments are not cheap. While they may be less expensive than electrolysis over a lifetime, in the short term they’re going to be squeezing my budget. Is this the best way to use my income?

Transition isn’t cheap. I’ve been told that a thousand times, but this is the first time I’ve felt it.

The session itself is almost not worth talking about. It was fast and relatively painless. The clinic I went to is not the cheapest one in the area, but they have the newest tech. There’s no need to apply cooling gel or anything ahead of time, no prolonged exposure or anything like that. The device has a two-step process: spray a cooling medium, then pulse, then move on to the next area. From the base of my neck to the top of my sideburns, the whole thing took about ten minutes.

I go back again in a month, then probably a month after that, then at lest three more times over the next 3-6 months. All told, the process should be complete in plenty of time for Gen Con 2014. Yay!

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