September 21, 2013

All Transwomen Should Be Furious With Myriad Genetics

Earlier this year, greedy piece-of-shit company Myriad Genetics lost the battle to own the right to detect the breast cancer BRCA mutation when the Supreme Court of the United States said “No, you do not own the rights to a naturally occurring gene.” Despite this, last week Myriad was back in court trying to block other companies from bringing alternative BRCA tests to market, a move that would spur competition and lower prices for women.

Breast cancer is not a topic I see discussed overly much in the trans community, despite the fact that transwomen are actively putting themselves in the higher risk category for breast cancer when they transition. Maybe it’s just that, with all the other medical and health related issues on our minds it simply doesn’t rise to the top of the list. I know that there is awareness, in that increased breast cancer risk is mentioned in, among other places, the WPATH Standards of Care.

Frankly, every human with a genome and a sense of decency should hate Myriad Genetics. But we transwomen have additional skin in the game. I had hoped that Myriad was put in their place after their SCOTUS smackdown, but clearly they aren’t. 

I’m putting Myriad on my Transgender Science news search. Because clearly, there will be more to talk about in the months and years to come. 

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