September 14, 2013

Beginner’s Tip: Halloween Shops


I haven’t done one of these “Beginner’s Tips” things in awhile. And actually, the last time I was doing them, I think it was strictly from a “beginning crossdressers” perspective. But I suppose this could be extended to anyone just starting out on their gender exploration.

What prompted me to write one again is this: it’s getting close to Halloween! By the 1st of September, most of the big box stores in the States were shifting Back-to-School out of their Seasonal areas in favor of creatures, costumes, and candy. The temporary Halloween shops are also opening up. This is a great opportunity for beginners in transgender dressing to get some things “on the cheap.”

The obvious example is wigs. While Halloween costume wigs aren’t the most authentic or realistic wigs out there, they’re great “starter wigs” for anyone just looking to explore, or just needing something for private dressing. That’s not to say they couldn’t also be worn in public; some of the more expensive wigs in the Halloween aisle are fairly nice. Don’t forget to buy a wig caps, too; my local Party City had them in the Halloween section for only $3 apiece.

halloweencityThe accessories aisle is also a beginner’s best friend. False eyelashes, false nails, even foam breast enhancers can all be had in the Halloween shops. Again, these are all costume quality and not the sort of long-term items you might need for regular or public living; but they’re cheap and good enough for experimentation.

And, of course, since it’s Halloween there’s also the things that probably aren’t appropriate for everyday wear but are a fun indulgence in private. How about some fishnet gloves? Basic corset? Sexy Stormtrooper armor?

The best part about Halloween shops is this: no one will look at you funny when you purchase all this stuff. So those with the shopping jitters can feel safer. Also, in September these stores constantly have online sales and coupons and stuff. Closer to Halloween prices go up; so shop early to give your budget a little relief.

partycityhalloweenSo, that’s the trick with Halloween shops. Happy shopping!

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