September 10, 2013

Operation Gamer Girl: Weight Loss

Here I am, ten days into September, and I’m reminded how hard it is for me to lose weight.


Part of it is just lifestyle. I am both busy and sedentary, two things that do not lend themselves to losing weight. It’s not that I want to be inactive; it’s just that I have a job that sometimes requires me to sit in an office all day, and when I’m off work I’m often taking care of the kids. Considering how exhausted I am after an evening with the kids, I’m surprised I don’t burn more calories when I have them.

The kids also contribute to difficulty number two with weight loss: diet. When I’m with them, or when I have them at the apartment, I’m feeding them typical kid foods — white bread, processed meats, popsicles, chips, canned veggies. [And don’t say “You should feed them better!” If your first reaction is to say that, you’ve never had kids.]  While I usually have my own meal choices on hand, it’s a matter of time management and efficiency; if I’m cooking hot dogs, it’s a lot easier to just cook an extra one than it is to pull out more pans and prepare something else.

I don’t know that I overeat when I’m with them, [Well, maybe a little.] But I do know that I eat the wrong kinds of things. I also know that I eat way too much sodium, which I have become increasingly sensitive to as I’ve moved deep into my thirties. And sodium is not good for weight loss.

My GG goal this month was to hit the gym at least four days a week, five if I could manage it. I made it three days in the first week. Right now I’ve made it once this week — I didn’t make it Sunday — but I’m hoping for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to all be gym days.

The good news is that, ten days in, I’m weighing in a pound lighter than I did on September 1st. While that’s almost certainly just water loss of some kind, it’s still something to note. I’ve also got my FitBit, which I have worn with dedication since getting it for my birthday, Sadly, I have only once reached the 10,000 step daily goal, something I plan to work on more this week.

Onwards and downwards (on the scale at least)!

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  • Do you log your food with fitbit? If you don’t log that’s probably the absolute first thing you should start doing. I was going to recommend (which works well with/is integrated with fitbit). I just got a fitbit last week and so far I am not reaching 10k steps most work days either.

    • I do not track calories with it. I’m not good with tracking calories in general, partly due to my having switched at least partially over to a highly homemade diet. It’s easy to log a serving of packaged food, but when you’re making your own without precisely measured ingredients (I tend to improvise on my recipes), there’s far too many numbers to track, and then math to do afterwards, Ugh,

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