September 9, 2013

A Quiet Weekend

I had the kids for virtually the entire weekend, which means I was in “Dad Mode” almost exclusively. Though I’ve come to realize that “Dad Mode” is getting progressively less “Dad-ish” as the months pass. I’m getting more comfortable expressing Ali in front of my kids in subtle ways, perhaps subconsciously preparing them for the time when I come out to them.

Dad Mode or not, I always like having the kids. It’s getting easier to keep them engaged at my place, now that I’ve got things set up and bought some toys and DVDs they like. It’s also a good thing for my son, who can’t play video games all day at my place (no Internet, no gaming console). It’s a little cramped for four people, and in their rowdier moments they practically climb on top of each other, but it’s all part of being a parent.

When I wasn’t taking care of the kids this weekend, I was on the phone with my parents. Late last week, some kid — I am not making this up — some kid drove his car through my parents’ house. Not the whole house; just one bedroom and a bathroom on the corner facing the road. But still, yikes! And it’s not like in the movies, where a car hits the wall and then stops dead, its back end sticking out comically from the hole. Nope, this idiot was going 70 when he went off the road, and he plowed through two walls, careened down the embankment, and almost ended up in the pond out back. No one was hurt (it was the guest bedroom) but it’s going to be months before the house is fully repaired. I can’t do much from 1000 miles away, but I did what I could and lent my ear to my mother as she talked it all out.

Some weekends are about me. Some weekends are about those I love. I don’t mind setting myself aside when others need me.

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