September 2, 2013

Operation Gamer Girl: Achievement Unlocked!

The weekend has been awash in kids, parents, school shopping, and Labor Day plans. But in the midst of it all, I achieved my first Operation Gamer Girl goal!


I did not, as is the custom for tween girls, go to the Claire’s at the mall. I did what any adult does: I went to a tattoo parlor. Tattoo parlors are where the real piercing happens. They take their piercing seriously; that means that they not only know everything about doing it right, but they don’t bat an eye when a 38 year-old male walks in and says “I’d like to get my lobes pierced, please.” [Also, they’re just straight up better places to go; read this for a summary of the argument against mall piercing.]

I’m a little surprised at myself. I used to have a deadly fear of needles, and the mere idea of getting pierced would have sent shivers up my spine. However, my appendix burst a few years back. I ended up in the hospital for a week and came out the other side with so many needle holes in me that they no longer scared me. And a good thing, too, because the needle they used to pierce me was BIG.

And yes, they used a needle. No gun, which I was told by many people ahead of time is the worst way to get pierced — it supposedly hurts more and is less accurate, leading to uneven ears. My piercer — a dudebro named Dan — marked my ears ahead of time, made sure they were even, and then pierced accurately with the needle. Just enough pressure to puncture the lobe.

They also do it sanitary. I did not know this before, but tattoo parlors have high standards of cleanliness imposed upon them by the Department of Community Health and they must be licensed to operate. Rubber gloves, astringent wipes, single-use needles, biohazard disposal box — it it weren’t for the rock music and leather decor, I would have sworn I was in a doctor’s office. 

Granted, my piercings probably cost more, but I’m paying for the expertise. In fact, it cost $30 per ear. I kind of wish I’d gone to the pirate piercing parlor down the street … they only charge a buck an ear! [I have been waiting my whole life to make that joke.]

And before anyone asks: All I got was a standard piercing bar. It’s not backed like many earrings are; it has a screw-in post like many body piercing bars have. A bit more secure, a bit less obvious.

So that’s my first Gamer Girl goal accomplished. It’s now September 1 as I write this, and that means the second and third goals are in effect: save $75 and lose 6 lbs. in September. Game on, life!

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