August 24, 2013

On Getting Pierced

Only a week into Operation Gamer Girl, and the first goal has hit a bump.

One of the reasons I put “Get Ears Pierced” first on my list of goals is because, as of this weekend, I have five weeks “off” of work. Not five weeks of vacation, but five weeks where I don’t have to stand in front of a classroom and teach. It’s a wonderful window of opportunity for me to get the initial piercing and healing out of the way; I can hide in my office all day, put band-aids over the studs, and do a lot of the other tricks I’ve read for hiding the initial piercing until it heals.

With any luck, I'll be wearing THESE bad boys (in purple) to Gen Con.
With any luck, I’ll be wearing THESE bad boys (in purple) to Gen Con.

Today was the perfect day — a Saturday, the first day of the break. But … my parents are here ALL DAY, and my kids are here ALL DAY. There’s really no opportunity to sneak away and do something like that (I’ve got a kid on my lap as I type this, in fact — the typos have ben horribel). And tomorrow, the place I was recommended for piercing (a local tattoo place) is closed. And I work Monday. It may not be until next Saturday that I get the opportunity to do it.

Ah, well. Frustrating but not discouraging. Maybe I can sneak in there Monday evening sometime.

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