August 22, 2013

Setting Some Gamer Girl Goals


The first thing I did when I came up with Operation Gamer Girl was to sit down and start trying to put together a timeline of goals. What do I want to accomplish before next August? What do I need to accomplish? The resulting list was a bit chaotic and probably woefully incomplete, but it looked something like this:

* Save for Con expenses (badge, hotel, etc.)
* Register for Gen Con
* Work on voice
* Get ears pierced
* Laser or electrolysis
* Lose weight
* Start hormones
* Grow hair and get styled
* Transition in life
* Get name / gender changed on license [?]
* Decide on a wardrobe
* Become a regular player with Erica’s group

Then I started trying to sort out deadlines. What things can I put concrete calendar dates to? What things are “ongoing”?

Budget is an easy one to start with, because it’s all numbers. I did a quick tally of some of the known costs for Gen Con — admission, hotel, gasoline — and then added a generous amount for spendage (I can’t go to Gen Con and not buy anything); and I decided that $800 was a fair target. With a target of July 31st,  I need to start saving about $75 a month to reach my goal (or find ways to generate the extra income).

So that’s Goal #1: Save $75 a month.

As far as transition targets go, I’m a big believer in small goals first. Early victories motivate! The clear winner for easy short-term goal is the ear piercing. I’d already been toying with the idea anyway, as I’ve got a five week break coming up before the fall quarter starts at my college. It’s not five weeks off work, but it is five weeks where I hide in my office most of the day. It’s a great opportunity to get the initial piercing and healing out of the way.

So that’s Goal #2: Get ears pierced.

The next easy reach is weight loss. That’s something I’ve been working on all year and have had some success in. My summer schedule really messed with my routine, though, and as such I’m motivated to try and get back on the treadmill. “Lose weight” is a vague goal, though. I need something concrete to work for. The Mayo Clinic say losing 1-2 lbs. a week is standard, and a month is a good measure of time, so that would be 4-8 lbs. in a month. Let’s split that difference.

So that’s Goal #3: Lose 6 lbs. in September.

I’ve started a list in the sidebar of this blog. Keep me honest, people! If you don’t see any changes in that list, call me on it!

Gen Con 2014, here I come! 

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