August 17, 2013

A Busy Saturday

I am so frustrated. I have a blog post I want to finish, but life won’t let me!

What a busy few days it’s been. Work is getting into the busy weeks and I am grading, grading, grading! This was also one of my “hat trick” therapy weeks (group therapy, gender therapy, general therapy). Meanwhile, the apartment has gotten new furniture (I have a dresser, finlly!); the kids spent an overnight; and I had to spend five hours on a Saturday wrasslin’ with car repairs instead of going to my electrolysis appointment.

Oh, and tomorrow my parents will be here. St-RESS-ing!

I’m sorry for the slow pace of writing this week. I have something I want to post, something related to my transition. I just can’t find the time to write it, and the computer ate the graphic I was making [stupid Windows auto updates]. 🙁

[I know. “What are you doing writing this?” But this is a quick draft, stream of conscious thing. Five minutes, tops.]

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