August 15, 2013

Skeptoid: Time To Give Up Facebook?


Just a quick note that my second weekly Skeptoid article has posted. I am still giddy at the opportunity to be writing as Ali, and as long as I’m giddy I will be sharing these articles here.

Is It Time To Give Up Facebook?

Please give it a click and a read and, if you’re so inclined, a comment on the Skeptoid blog.

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  • Well, damn! Another “Bottom Line — There IS No Bottom Line” article. Whatever all that stuff means, it will be a balmy day in Antarctica before I waste my time with Facebook. I’d rather work on my collection of Elvis Presley fingernail clippings.


    • That’s part of the problem. The media always wants to treat these articles as “the bottom line” or ‘the last word”, when science doesn’t work that way.

      • Yes, and is that an innate desire of “the media,” or is that how journalism “works?” Feed the drooling masses the pablum they expect in a format they can read while sitting on the john…pick up your check at the end of the week. Repeat as necessary and call yourself a journalist. Shameful and disgusting.

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