August 8, 2013

Ali Becomes a Little More Real


I am now an occasional contributor to the Skeptoid blog. I, as in me, as in Ali Edwards. Not Him. Me!

This isn’t as out of the blue as it seems. He had a connection to the Skeptoid blog before; but that connection petered out this year as I’ve been struggling with everything else. So I decided to go out on a limb and ask the Skeptoid master himself, Brian Dunning, if I could write for the blog under my new name. And he said yes!

The opportunity doesn’t come with a paycheck; not that I care. I’m doing it because (a) I want to promote skepticism, (b) it lets me put my name out there as a writer [and not just a trans writer], and (c) I love Skeptoid and don’t mind contributing to its success.

Needless to say, my day has been brightened. I feel a little more “real” than I did yesterday.This is what I want in life: to just be myself doing the things that I like to do. Blogging about being trans is one thing, but this is something both simpler and more profound: blogging while just happening to be trans.

My first post is already up: “A Bevy of Food Fads in One Small Cup.” Now I just need to get a new author photo. Something that’s professional and screams “science blogger!” Anyone got a lab coat and glasses I could borrow?

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