August 5, 2013

Transgender Science

magnus_pyke_scienceI’ve been enjoying writing the Science! articles that I do here. However, I have found myself avoiding writing them lately, in part because I feel like they require so much effort. It just doesn’t seem to be a worth a whole blog post to write about one study, unless I can say something meaningful or connect it to larger trans issues, etc.

Sometimes, I just want to post a link to a new trans-related science article with a quick comment. Thus, I have decided to start a new microblog over at Tumblr:

Transgender Science

Personally, I’m really looking forward to playing with this. Ali Finds Her Self should be focused on just that: my journey, my transition, my life. Transgender Science will be less personal and more academic; it will be more focused and thematic, making daily posting a little easier than here; and being on Tumblr means it will also be easier to share on the social networks and other Tumblr blogs.

For now, that means Science! articles here will be fewer and farer between, and usually crossposted from Transgender Science. It also means retiring poor ol’ Magnus Pyke up there. Ah, well; he was a dated reference anyway!

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