August, 2013

    Hormones Make Transsexuals Happy

    An April 2013 study in Journal of Sexual Medicine came to some conclusions that seems self-evident, though even things that seem self-evident are best tested and verified. In “Hormonal Treatment Reduces Psychobiological Distress in Gender Identity Disorder, Independently of the Attachment Style,” Colizzi, et al„ report on a study that measured the stress levels of 70 transsexuals both […]

    Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh

    As of yesterday, my parents have left town. I’m happy they came, and in the end their visit allowed me to reach an important understanding with them. Because of my work schedule and my lack of available space in the apartment, they spent most of their time here at my sister’s house; and on the […]

    Skeptoid: Detroit’s Mystery Cat

    It’s Thursday again, and I’ve published another article over at the Skeptoid blog, Today, the story of Detroit’s “Mystery Cat,” which was in the local headlines this past weekend. Neat fealine, tragic end. Click through and give it a read if you’re interested!

    Transgender Nonprescribed Hormone Use and Self-Surguries — PubMed

    Transgender Nonprescribed Hormone Use and Self-Surguries — PubMed An estimated 43.0% (95% confidence interval = 34.9, 51.5) of trans Ontarians were currently using hormones; of these, a quarter had ever obtained hormones from nonmedical sources (e.g., friend or relative, street or strangers, Internet pharmacy, herbals or supplements). Fourteen participants (6.4%; 95% confidence interval = 0.8, 9.0) reported currently taking […]

    Transgender Science [Facebook]

    Transgender Science [Facebook] Cataloging, discusing, and exploring the medical and social science of the trans community. I’m going to be crossposting things from this Tumblr to a Facebook page, just to see if anyone’s interested in following there.

    Venous thrombo-embolism as a complication of cros… [Andrologia. 2013] – PubMed – NCBI

    Venous thrombo-embolism as a complication of cros… [Andrologia. 2013] – PubMed – NCBI Administration of cross-sex hormones to male-to-female transsexual subjects, usually oestrogens + often anti-androgens, such as cyproterone acetate, carries a risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). VTE usually occurs … A review article of findings related to VTE and MtF HRT. It’s one of those unpleasant […]

    On Getting Pierced

    Only a week into Operation Gamer Girl, and the first goal has hit a bump. One of the reasons I put “Get Ears Pierced” first on my list of goals is because, as of this weekend, I have five weeks “off” of work. Not five weeks of vacation, but five weeks where I don’t have […]

    The Therapist-Patient Privilege

    The Therapist-Patient Privilege transpeoplearecool: This breaks down the exceptions of what information is privileged with a therapist.  I don’t believe being trans* falls under any of those categories. While it may vary by state, your information is between you and your therapist unless there is a law being broken or someone is endangered. As long […]

    Phantom Genetalia After SRS?

    Phantom Genetalia After SRS? Have you ever encountered a question that you didn’t even think to ask, but once you did you found the answer fascinating? That was me with this article. Worth a read (and free online)! I’d like to know the experience of any transfolk out there who have, or haven’t, encountered this.

    Russian Ignorance of LGBT Science

    Russian Ignorance of LGBT Science Late last week, a truly reprehensible video starting going viral on the Internet. Originally posted by a Russian hate site, the video began to go viral when it hit YouTube. Thankfully, YouTube pull… I did a write-up about Russia’s LGBT science ignorance over at the Skeptoid blog. It’s not new […]