July 8, 2013

I am Facebooking on the Interwebs

I have decided to reactivate my alt/Ali Facebook account. More and more groups, companies, etc., are either going Facebook-only or Facebook-primarily for their Internet presence, and there are some groups, etc., (read: TRANS) that I am not comfortable following with my primary (Him) account. I am not a fan of keeping up with two Facebook accounts, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s possible that my primary Facebook account will end up like my primary Twitter account: pretty silent most of the time.

Anyway, if anyone wants to friend me or follow me there, the account is under Alison Edwards (not my real last name, but a pseudonym I’ve been using a few places for when a last name is required). I’d be happy to friend you.

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  • Wish I could follow you on FB, but, ever the conspiracy theorist, I hate, detest, and otherwise abjure the little technogeek who started FB and became rich. I steadfastly REFUSE to do the FB thingie…EVER. *sigh* Hopefully, you’ll continue touching base here. *smile*


    • I have no intention of spending a lot of time there. Even my primary Fb account is more a place where I read what other people are passing around than I do any contributing of my own. This blog will continue to be my priority.

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