July, 2013

    The Hair Up There

    I’m getting tired of my wig. Not the style, just the having to wear it part. I have a large head and so it’s never fit quite right; and it’s summer, so wearing it out is like wearing a wool hat on a sunny day. But most importantly, I don’t like wearing my wig because […]

    Alison and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    If I’d know how today was going to go, I never would have gotten out of bed. Actually, the morning started off just fine. I got up, had some breakfast, watched some SUPERNATURAL on Netflix (I’m almost to the end of the fifth season, excited to see what happens), got a Sunday paper, began clipping […]

    Inflicting Pain On Myself

    With things being what they’ve been this week, I have not yet been able to sit down and talk about my first full session with the electrologist. In short, the session was, as the title implies, a choice to inflict pain on myself. The pain wasn’t too bad, but there’s definitely something unpleasant about getting […]

    The Transsexual Journey Towards Parenthood

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Science! post. Guess I’ve just been too busy with other things to keep an eye on PubMed. I’m glad I got back around to it, though, because I found a really interesting new study. It’s called Transsexual parenthood and new role assumptions, by Franco, Bordin, & Cipolletta, from Culture, Health, […]

    Myths and Facts About Trans People [Video]

    Not a whole lot to say today — I’m neck deep in work right now — but I needed to take a moment to pass on this link: FtBCon: Myths and Facts About Trans People It’s lengthy (two hours) but worth listening to. It’s five trans women talking frankly about their experiences with transition, life, […]

    Enter the Electrologist

    Last weekend I was finally able to take a step I’ve been wanting to do for a couple months now: I visited an electrologist. There are a large number of electrologists in my area, but despite that they are surprisingly hard to get service from. So many of them are small salons or even home-based […]

    Finding a Female Voice

    One thing I’ve noticed in my time in the transgender community is that there seems to be two kinds of transwomen: those who try to sound feminine and those who don’t seem to put much (or any) effort into changing their voice. I have met women who have had the works — GRS, BA, FFS […]


    I have developed one of the most uncomfortable illnesses known to modern medicine: a summer cold. It was 90 degrees yesterday with 90% humidity, and just stepping outside was torture. I could not breathe. The cold also means my throat is raw, and that means that I have not been able to work on my voice. […]

    The Transmigration of Alison Edwards

    Kira Moore of Kira Moore’s Closet posted a very thoughtful response to my last post. You should all go and read it before reading any further. The truth is that as a blogger I’m a bit of a sycophant. I need readers in order to be motivated to write and I thrive when I know […]

    Transgender vs. Crossdresser

    During my therapy session today, Nancy (my excellent gender therapist) asked me an important question: “Where do you think the boundary is between being transgender and being a crossdresser?” It’s a fair question, and honestly it put into concrete words some funky doubts I’d been having in my own mind over the past week. Doubts […]