June 28, 2013

Haiku Haijinks

R over at Randa Lane — Same Sex, New Clothes has been blogging up a storm lately, producing an eight part series on writing haikus. Now that R has published an index of the series, it’s time to go over there and get yourself schooled in this neat little poetic form.

In keeping with the theme, I present a few of my own haikus today. Don’t expect this to become a poetry blog or anything! Just having a little fun …

Fermented clay
Wet and soft and colorless
Awaiting flavor

Bitter frenemies
Battered feelings on display
Butting fragile horns

Accidental art
Pixelated poetry
Shorthand successes

Dark clouds of summer
Loose a torrential downpour
Seared by sunbeams

Okay, I think I’ve butchered the form enough. Definitely going to leave the poetry to the professionals in the future!

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  • Still like these a lot, but I’m just that kind of guy! — 🙂 —
    Kinda cool in the second haiku that way that each line starts with a “BF” pair. Intentional?

    Same idea in the third haiku except with different letters. Interesting.

    The first haiku — I see as the Biblical account of the creation of Adam and his awaiting the breath of life. Am I hallucinating?! *hehe*

    Ahhh…now the fourth haiku! That one has LOTS of possibilities! Maybe you could rewrite to clarify if the clouds give up their torrents of rain as a RESULT of the CLOUDS being seared by the sunbeams OR if it is the torrential downpour itself that is seared by the sunbeams?? Nice Zenny ambiguity but “inquiring minds wanna know!”

    Lotta meat here…kinda “thinky”…but lots to admire.

    Oh, I never discussed this in any of my posts but I should have — “haiku” is both the singular and plural of the noun “haiku.” — 🙂 —


  • First haiku: LOL! I love how poetry gets interpreted. I was not thinking of Adam, but more about the dinner I was about to prepare.

    BF lines: Yes, intentional. Ditto the paired alliteration in the other one.

    Last one: The “moment” was describing a storm we had recently, one of those ones where it’s raining hard BUT the sun is also shining. I think those are some of the neatest storms.

    Thanks for your comments. Glad to know they don’t totally stink. 🙂

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