June 24, 2013

Him Weekend


Between two nights with the kids, my son’s birthday, and some summer humidity, this weekend was a poor one for Ali. Other than a couple of hours in my apartment Saturday night I didn’t get to shift into Ali mode at all this weekend. Not even to grocery shop — but then, I didn’t get to go grocery shopping at all this weekend. Busy times. On a more existential level, my bifurcation continues with Him mode and Ali mode. Basically Ali had to stay inside this weekend whether I liked it or not.

On the bright side, I did get to have the kids for two nights; I took my son go-karting for his birthday and then installed a new video card in his computer because he’s becoming a Steam fiend; I saw both World War Z and Man of Steel; and I managed to find some great items at SalArmy. So it wasn’t a bad weekend. Just a Him weekend.

With the warmer weather settling in, I’m worried about Ali mode for the next couple of months. Summer clothes expose the body more, summer humidity melts makeup off the face, and summer sun makes the head sweat under the wig. I’m early in my transition; at this point my presentation relies on the smoke and mirrors of creating curves with clothing and hiding beard stubble with the right foundation. After stepping out of the apartment, Ali may have to stay inside until the summer passes. One more summer as Him … maybe my last.



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  • Excellent post, Ali my friend. So many experiences in store for you, and you’ll do fine. It was great hearing of the time you got to spend with your children. I know you must miss them and they, you. Life goes on.

    Warm Wishes,


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