June 19, 2013

Listening to Nellie McKay

Posting about Lindsey Stirling yesterday got me in a mood to listen to other artists who like to mix and match genres. So today I’ve been working to the music of Nellie McKay.

Whereas Stirling’s art is pretty much “mix violin with X,” Nellie McKay is a much more Renaissance musician. She does classical, pop, hip hop, cabaret, and just about anything else you can think of. Her instrument of choice is piano … and her voice, which is simply amazing. As much as I like Lindsey Stirling, I’m ever a fan of lyrical tunes over instrumental ones. It’s probably the Lit teacher in me. 🙂

As for favorite songs, “Ding Dong” probably tops my personal list [sorry about the awful GIF video for this one, just close your eyes and enjoy the music]:

Then there’s “Galleon”, which is unusual and uptempo:

And finally there’s “Really,” her dig at yuppie culture:

Sorry, folks, busy week, not a lot of time to angst about being trans. Enjoy Nellie McKay for today, and I promise to get back on topic next time!

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