June, 2013

    Haiku Haijinks

    R over at Randa Lane — Same Sex, New Clothes has been blogging up a storm lately, producing an eight part series on writing haikus. Now that R has published an index of the series, it’s time to go over there and get yourself schooled in this neat little poetic form. In keeping with the theme, […]

    I Wish I Were a Waterhouse Girl

    One of the things that I’ve already been told a hundred times — in books, in therapy, in forums — is that as a transgender woman I will never have the “ideal” body, the one in my mind that wish I had. And I understand that rationally, even if it is emotionally one of those […]

    Michellelianna: Is Trans Activism Even Useful?

    Rather than write anything at length today, I’m going to instead direct you to go and read this excellent post by Michellelianna, where Michelle expresses some reservations she has about the politically active trans movement. I’ve mentioned in this blog before some of my own feelings about trans activism, feminism, and other “social awareness” issues […]

    Him Weekend

    Buh. Between two nights with the kids, my son’s birthday, and some summer humidity, this weekend was a poor one for Ali. Other than a couple of hours in my apartment Saturday night I didn’t get to shift into Ali mode at all this weekend. Not even to grocery shop — but then, I didn’t […]

    Him vs. Her

    Since the dam broke last week and Ali started stepping out into public, an interesting thing has happened: I’ve become divided. In the weeks prior to Ali coming out, my general presentation had become rather androgynous. I’d found a number of women’s shirts that “passed as male” when worn the right way, along with jeans, […]

    Listening to Nellie McKay

    Posting about Lindsey Stirling yesterday got me in a mood to listen to other artists who like to mix and match genres. So today I’ve been working to the music of Nellie McKay. Whereas Stirling’s art is pretty much “mix violin with X,” Nellie McKay is a much more Renaissance musician. She does classical, pop, […]

    Listening to Lindsey Stirling

    I thought I’d keep it light today and just talk about an album I can’t get enough of recently: Lindsey Sterling’s self-titled debut. I am a sucker for classical/modern genre mash-ups, and Stirling certainly knows how to mix genres. Check it out: [Apparently WordPress.Com doesn’t allow iframe embedding. Grr! Here’s a link to the album […]

    Walt Heyer, the Fallacious Transsexual

    Part of the genesis of the idea for my “Science!” articles came from a blog I stumbled across a couple months back: Sex Change Info, a disingenuously named anti-trans blog run by a man named Walt Heyer where individual studies on transgender topics are waived about as proof that transgender is nothing more than a […]

    Walking a Mile in Her Shoes

    Oh, dear readers, let me tell you about my Saturday … After Wednesday’s foray into the home of affordable Swedish furnishings, I knew that going out in “Ali mode” was going to become a more regular thing for me. Unfortunately, Thursday and Friday were wrapped up in work and being a dad — Him things […]

    Ali Goes To Therapy

    In the past, there was no way for me to attend my therapy sessions in “Ali mode”, even if I had wanted to (which I’m not sure I did) — I worked every day so I was always going straight from work to therapy. Last week was the end of quarter, however, which meant a […]