May 29, 2013

Can Anyone Access This Article? [UPDATED]

An interesting article abstract has appeared on PubMed recently: a report on “which metabolic functions are not irreversibly sex-differentiated but are determined by the prevailing milieu of sex steroids,” based on observing MtF and FtM during HRT. Unfortunately, its from the Journal Andrologia, which is part of the Wiley Online Library, which my college does not subscribe to. Bah! One of the downsides for teaching at an undergraduate career college — they don’t spend the big bucks on all the high-end journal databases.

So it’s “Ali makes a reader request” time. I don’t know who out there (a) reads this blog and (2) has access to a college library; but if anyone does, and if they can access the Wiley Online Library through it, could that reader possibly snag the PDF file and send it Ariamythe [at] It would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to August P, who sent me a copy. You’re awesome, August!

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