May 13, 2013

Fun With Site Stats

Some people I know shun their blog statistics. “I don’t write for the attention; I write for the expression!” But me, I’m just a little bit obsessed with my site stats. So I thought I’d share a few stats with you.

Since January 6, 2013, when I created Ali Finds Her Self, this blog has been viewed nearly 5,000 times. On average, the site gets about 38 page views a day. My highest numbers were in February; the numbers declined in March but improved in April. I like to see improvement in the numbers. I wish all of these numbers would go up.

Here are some of the search terms Google has used to steer people to my site in recent months: bound and gagged, feelings when bound and gagged, bound and gagged wordpress, my lesbian girlfriend tied my up and gagged me, girls gagged bound dress-up, self friend gagged woman, self tied and gagged, and gagged girls. This is my fault. I named one of my narrative pieces “College Bound and Gagged” as a bit of wordplay, and that apparently makes me a candidate for Google searches about  bondage. And by writing this, I’ve added yet another instance for them to hit. Ah, well …

The most common searches to hit this site contain crossdressing, which isn’t a surprise since, before April, most posts were tagged with crossdressing. Searches for DIY crossdressing in various forms are common, and those articles I wrote back in the beginning continue to be popular. I almost regret that I stopped writing them. I also get a number of searches having to do with crossdressing and marriage: wordpress crossdresser blog marriage, coming out to your wife, wife is ok with my crossdressing, can marriage survive crossdressing, crossdressing and the wife, etc. Also not surprising considering how often I’ve talked about my marriage and my wife/ex. I just hope people find value in my experiences.

Given the popular search terms, it may come as little surprise that the three most-read posts over the life of this blog are, in order:

In terms of readership, you folks trend highly American, with the UK and Canada coming in second and third, respectively. Interestingly, the fourth country on the list is the Netherlands. I have also noticed that the Netherlands crops up a lot in the journal articles I’ve been reading for the Science! posts, so I’m guessing there’s either a thriving interest in trans issues, or a thriving trans community, or both in the Netherlands.

So, what does all of this tell me?

First, that crossdressing has been a much more successful tag, so far, then transgender, though to be fair I haven’t been using transgender as long. This is interesting, but frankly I won’t be returning to crossdressing as a common tag anymore regardless of the hits. I’ve journeyed past that stage.

Second, that the DIY thing has been more popular than I expected it to be. It makes me keen to write some more. Luckily, I may just have a post or two up my sleeve for that one.

And third, that apparently it doesn’t take much to get ranked in search results for BDSM. Oy!

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