May, 2013

    Cyproterone Acetate vs. Spironolactone

    Following up on yesterday’s post, I went looking today for information on cyproterone acetate and spironolactone, after seeing it suggested (but unverified) in Wikipedia that one (spiro) was the most commonly prescribed anti-androgen used for HRT in the United States and the other (cypro) was the most commonly prescribed internationally. Is this true? And if […]

    HRT is Not Something to be Messed With

    The journal article I put out a request for last time (thanks again, August!) definitely turned out to be worth the read. It’s not a study with any new information, but instead a conformational study that collects and organizes all sorts of observational data points on prior research about how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) affects […]

    Can Anyone Access This Article? [UPDATED]

    An interesting article abstract has appeared on PubMed recently: a report on “which metabolic functions are not irreversibly sex-differentiated but are determined by the prevailing milieu of sex steroids,” based on observing MtF and FtM during HRT. Unfortunately, its from the Journal Andrologia, which is part of the Wiley Online Library, which my college does […]

    Follow This: One Week As XX

    I saw something come over my site alerts, which led me to a new blog, which led me to post this. The blog is called One Week as XX ~ A Research Project. It’s the progress blog of a straight male who has decided, as an experiment, to live for a week as a woman. […]

    Looking Down To Camelot

    At a recent group therapy session, one of the women suggested that my beard was a safety blanket of sorts– that as long as I had it, I could excuse why I hadn’t “taken the next step” in my transition. As it turned out, she was right. 

    A Long, Beardless Weekend

    My school, like so many, is closed on Memorial Day, which means a nice long weekend. I have the next two days to myself — no ex, no kids. The downside is that these next two days are the ones where my kids will meet my ex’s boyfriend for the first time. But, I’ve got no […]

    Are You Hip With Cis?

    Until a few months ago, I’d never even heard the prefix cis- outside of a chemistry textbook. Now I have been called out more than once for using it in the last few weeks. I admit that I don’t find it to be a particularly elegant or natural prefix. Regardless, I have slipped cis into my […]

    When The Doubts Creep In

    Life lately has been all about marking time. The divorce is underway; I’ve settled into the apartment and friends and family have stopped offering condolences when they see me. During the week, my job keeps me busy during the day and my kids leep me busy most evenings. On Sundays I get to be myself […]

    Post #100: The Science Behind SRS

    Yes, this is my hundredth post. It feels good to hit triple digits! I’m grateful for every pageview and every comment. Thank you all for reading! I probably would have quit long ago without you. Seeing as how this is the big one-oh-oh, of course I had to find something to write about that was worthy […]

    Yes, I Shop Salvation Army

    I’ve been silent over the past few days because I’ve just been busy (catching up on Him writing projects). I also spent an overnight at the house for the first time since moving out; I got into dad mode for my ex while she had to leave town. It was great to spend an overnight […]