April 19, 2013

Quick Update

I promise, there are only a few more of these “Notes from the Asylum”. Honestly, they’re the best record I have of the experience, which as you’ll soon see was very transformative for me. I hope I’m presenting them in a way that isn’t boring or confusing.

They’re also easy to write in my current situation. Spoiler alert: I’m currently living by myself in an apartment. As yet, I don’t have an Internet line into the place. So it’s very easy to transcribe my journal into a text editor and then post quickly when I’m in a WiFi area (like work).

Just yesterday I upgraded my iPhone plan — I’m going to be using it a lot more now — and as part of that I switched on my phone’s “personal hot-spot”. It’s not great, but it lets me access the Internet form my laptop, from my apartment. No streaming Netflix for now, but I can post again from home!

Thanks for reading.

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