April, 2013


    One of my better qualities, IMO, is that I am a skeptic. I like science, I trust the scientific method, and I require claims to be backed up by good science before I will accept them. So I have been trying to sort out the science of transgender/transsexual recently. And my conclusion is: there’s no […]

    The Deadline

    Nancy, the local Uni gender program therapist whom I have been seeing regularly, put a challenge to me this past week: transition at work by September 1, 2014. Specifically, that would be the date that I made the transition — the one where I’d stop being Him at work and start being Ali. It was […]

    Ali, Age Three

    It is safe to say that my suicide attempt and the subsequent fallout have done a lot to change my perspective on myself and my gender identity, and the weeks since then have propelled me further along my path of transition. I’ve let go of the past, I’ve allowed myself to move on in the […]

    What if?: Transitioning as an Adult

    You know, I have had it in the back of my head for awhile now to write a blog post with a particular theme, but Transgenderless beat me to it! So just go and read what she’s written; it’s very good.

    I Wish My Life …

    Feeling lyrical this morning. Music tends to lodge in my brain when I’m in a mood, and today it’s “Celluloid Heroes.” The most famous version is by the Kinks, but I’m far more fond of the cover recorded by Blackmore’s Night (I’m a big fan of BN overall). I suppose it’s this line that’s resonating […]

    Moving Out

    Picking up the narrative from the asylum … When Robin picked me up from the mental hospital, I still was not sure where I would be sleeping that night. In my own home, in my own bed? In my own home, but on the couch? In another place entirely?

    Growing Transgender Rights Movement?

    I am only in the early stages of my coming out as a transgender woman — it still feels weird sometimes to even refer to myself as a transgender woman — and so I don’t yet always feel the connection to “the community” that some other women do. For example, I have started to follow […]

    Notes From the Asylum IX

    Okay, I’ve brought this conceit as far as it will go. Time to finish the story of my time in the mental hospital. After a frustrating weekend, I finally got some traction on Monday regarding my recovery and release.

    Notes from the Asylum VIII

    I’m almost done with these. Just a little more to tell. While I was in the mental hospital, I did a lot of thinking about Ali. Who she was, who she needed to be, how she would express herself in the world. I still waver between who gets the first-person pronoun and who the third; […]

    The Trans Lady of Shalott

    There’s been a poem much on my mind recently: “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. If you’re not familiar with the poem, you should be! But get comfy, because it’s not a short one. Here’s a link to the full text of the poem, and here’s a link to a wonderful musical rendition […]