March 12, 2013

New Colors

When I started this blog I was in a crossdressing mindset, and so I made it all shades of pink because, you know, girly, right? And honestly I love a good shade of rose-pink-drifting-towards-purple. But I got sick of all the pinkness, and so I’ve gone to a watery theme for now. I may make the background blue a little more maritime, but for now I like it.

P.S.: I do this a lot. I’m never happy with the decor!

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  • For me, much of the femme attraction is about options. Boy: blue. Girl: any dam thing she wants. Boy: pants: girl: any dam thing she wants.

    And on and on.

    • I completely agree with you, Meg. As a working man, you’re stuck in the whole suit/shirt/tie/smart shoes paradigm your whole life. Women in an office can wear skirts, dresses, sweaters, boots – whatever they (or I) fancy in fact! Many times I was tempted to wear a skirt into work, but I’d probably have been sacked on the spot.

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