February 26, 2013

“They’re Freaky!”

A brief story, happened tonight and I had to share.

My wife and I were on the couch, watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Towards the end, my eight-year-old son came out and sat of the couch to see what we were watching. After a minute, he started ducking his head and hiding his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” my wife asked.

“Nothing. I just can’t watch this,” he replied.

“Why not?”

“Because,” he said, still averting his eyes, “They’re freaky! It’s like they’re guys, but they’re dancing around like girls. I can’t watch that! It’s too weird!”

To my wife’s credit, she immediately tried to correct him, saying that there was nothing wrong with it and that boys and girls could dress however they wanted to dress. She knew I’d heard him, though.

Ugh! This is the kid that, at some point, I’m supposed to tell about my secret. That I’m the freaky, weird dad who likes to dress up like a girl. Talk about killing my mood for the night! Sigh …

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  • Ali,

    Your son is to be congratulated on his perceptiveness and his take-no-prisoners verbal skills! My compliments to the young man. Tuesday night here in Texas, I watched the Ru Paul Drag Race travesty for the first and last time, and your eight-year old is spot-on target. The competitors **I** saw richly deserved the apellation of FREAK.

    But not because of how they look and dress and act as professional DRAG QUEENS.

    It was their disrespect for each other, their abysmal LACK of professionalism, and their self-centered egoism and megalomaniacal narcissism that earned them the apellation of FREAK in my judgment. FREAK or FREAKY would be the NICEST word I would use for any one of them.

    Cut your son some slack (and yourself as well) and remember that there is really no similarity between professional DRAG QUEENS and plain old vanilla “man in the street” crossdressers!
    The former are oft pathetic, always overdrawn caricatures of real women and, by extension, MTF crossdressers as well. They are entertainers and poor ones at that.

    There may yet be time in the next few days to seek out that “teachable moment” when you can sit down with your son and explain that what he saw on TV was just for show and the lure of making money. And then you could tell him about a different sort of crossdresser, who loves and respects women and the clothing they wear so much that they wear women’s clothing sometime just as women often wear men’s clothing.

    But I don’t need to go on. You know the rest. Oh, and tell your son you know a crossdresser who also thinks that Ru Paul and his motley crew of drag Queens are v-e-r-y FREAKY!

    Warmest Respect,

    Randa Lane

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning “Randa Lane” in one of your posts as a blog you follow! That means so much!

    • I appreciate what you’re saying, Randa, but I don’t think he was judging their character. This was towards the end, when two contestants have a dance-off. He didn’t see them acting horribly to each other in the dressing room; just dancing on stage. Ah, well, he’s eight; I have time to turn him around.

      • No, I’m certain your son wasn’t judging their character, nor did I mean to imply that he was. I thought it was clear that it was I who was agreeing with him concerning the term “Freaky” but for my OWN reasons which I then amplified. You know your son. I don’t. But it doesn’t sound like he needs to be “turned around” at all, perhaps just enlightened in this one area. But, for the record, even if all I had seen was their “dancing,” I would have still thought they were FREAKY (unconventional, weird – “The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.”

        Warmest Respect and Hugs,

        Randa Lane

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