February 21, 2013

Not Stepping Out This Weekend

I was going to do it. I was going to leave the house en femme. I was going to attend my first trans support group meeting, and I was going to be in women’s clothes from the skin out.

But then I found out that the website calendar that promoted the event is in error. Though the event is listed every week by the calendar app, it only actually happens on the second Saturday of the month. Which was last Saturday.

The confusion was partly a reading failure on my part. The event description mentions the second Saturday information, and another resource had mentioned “monthly meetings”. But they should probably tell their calendar program to stop listing it as a weekly event (other events at the facility with monthly occurrence don’t appear weekly). And I’ve since found out that the next monthly meeting might not happen.

It’s a little deflating. I’d mustered up the courage, I had my wife’s support, I’d even done some shopping. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Le sigh …

More importantly, for now I’m back to square one: looking for a support circle that isn’t on the other end of an Internet connection. This group may pan out eventually, but I really would like someone to talk to sooner rather than later. There’s a second, more general gender-identity support group that meets in the same facility, but they meet on the one night a week I work until 10pm; it will be another month before I can change my schedule to attend.

I had been in such a good mood yesterday, too. Oh, pout.

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  • I’m so sorry to hear this didn’t work out, I really hope the group has their next meeting so you can go. I know the frustration of not being able to find live support. In my small city all of the support groups have disappeared and now there is nothing within a three hour drive. I am fortunate to be out to a few people besides my partener who have supported me wonderfully, but none of them are Trans* and so there are things they simply cannot understand.

  • I’ll be meeting with trans friends (not a support group per se) tomorrow night. They’ve met 8 times before I was able to join them. There’s also a group of girls who get together once or twice (or more) a week. I’ve been a group member for over two years and NEVER gotten together with them.

    It will happen. Don’t let a week or two setback ruin your good mood. Look forward to your next first time. And definitely GO DRESSED! And if it’s all girls like us, you can dress UP and fit in. If you’re unsure, ask the group hosts or see if there are pictures from previous meetings.

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