February 10, 2013

My First Outfit

I’m sitting here this morning in what I’m thinking of is my first “real” outfit. It’s delightful

Over the last month I’ve been mainly an opportunistic shopper, grabbing whatever I could find that was inexpensive and in my size. Each item was purchased in a vaccum, with no consideration for what else I had in my collection. Beggars can’t be choosers, and a beginning crossdresser is definitely of the begging variety.


But then I bought a particular skirt, and it inspired me. I love the skirt; it’s red and black and fits me nicely and just hangs to the knee. I wanted to wear it, but I found that nothing else in my stash worked with it. At all. So for the first time, I went out seeking items specifically to go with something else; I went looking for an outfit.

It took a week. I was limited in both time and funds, not to mention the limits put on my by my size and by the need to match the skirt. Ultimately, the Internet was a big help. Lots of store websites now have robust “find in-store” features, so I could shop from my computer until I found a likely purchase, and only then bravely venture into the store.

After a week, I did it; I found a  black sheer top, long-sleeved, with a floral trim in shades of red, orange, and coral that I thought would match the skirt well. And it was in my size! And bonus, it was in the same store where I’d originally purchased the skirt! I was comfortable shopping there, knew the layout and the least-used men’s dressing room. [Yes, I’ve reached the point where I’m brave enough to bring items into the dressing room.]

plus-size-womens-worthington-sheer-buttondown-blouse-plusSo off I went. I found the top on the rack; and, nearby, the skirt that I’d originally purchased. I took them both into the dressing room and … I was right! I may not have a great eye for fashion, but I was certain these two looked good together. The top was a little small on me — in my size stitcher materials fit better, but this is more fitted. Still, I wasn’t leaving the store without it. If buying this top means I have to lose some weight, well … I’ve been trying to do that anyways. I stopped at another box store on the way home  to grab some black opaque tights that I thought would look great with the outfit, and there it was: my first real outfit.

It seems a silly thing to be blogging about, I know; but I’m just happy with the way things worked out. It feels like I’ve reached a milestone in my development as a “girl.” I learned to shop in context! And even though the top is a bit tight, it feels glorious to be wearing this outfit today.

Now, I only wish I had a real pair of shoes to go with it. My men’s loafers are slip-on, at least, but big-size shoes still elude me. This outfit needs shoes …

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  • You’ve got one up on me, kiddo. I still haven’t figured out the art of shopping “outfits” which is why NOTHING I own actually matches and I end up with some pretty interesting outfits lol And btw, that skirt is SO pretty. Where did you get it?

  • I didn’t buy clothes randomly. First, it was androgynous clothes. Then i started the en-femme shopping online. And after that, it was easier to shop in person for simple stuff that was easy to accessorize.

  • My cell phone got hung up and I had to reboot it…. So I’ll continue my thought. I hope you don’t mind me being long winded ….

    As I mentioned earlier, I started with androgynous clothing – and was wearing it on vacation. When one saleslady said that no one would give a hoot about a guy in a skirt in the nearby metropolis, I tried it on my last day — and nobody cared..

    So, when the next year’s vacation came up, I started preparing for it a couple of months before. Giving that I am zaftig (read: I’m big and round), I knew I could safely order size 3x for tops, and 2x for bottoms. And I took advantage of mail order… Boy, did I take advantage of mail order! I ended up on a shopping spree, buying wigs, breast forms, dresses, makeup, etc. that I would need on my next trip. Once my plane landed at my destination, the pants came off and wigs, makeup, breast forms, makeup, dresses, etc. went on. And I stayed en-femme for the better part of a week, going shopping as I pleased.

    Each piece of female clothing I bought on vacation was bought with a plan – I knew that I’d be going out again, and wanted more than one option in my dress. But I did break down and made an impulse purchase – a LBD that I had no place to wear… until I made plans to go to Fantasia Fair a month later. At this point, I knew that I had to flesh out my female wardrobe, and I proceeded to get what I needed except for rain boots.

    I could give you more advice. But you might have figured a lot of things by trial and error already. So feel free to ask if you need ideas…..


    • Thanks so much for sharing that. You’re not the first story of an en femme vacation I’ve read about, and I’m crushingly jealous whenever I read about them. Maybe someday!

  • I’ve been around my small town in South Wales wearing a skirt for a good few years now. My real friends know I like wearing them. The rest of the people can go f*** themselves. Good for you!

  • It’s not a silly thing to write about ~ wouldn’t you have liked to read something like that a few months ago? And there’s ALWAYS a sister who’s a few months behind you!

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