February 6, 2013

Beginner’s Tip: Reader’s Bra Advice

I have very helpful readers. I know this, because as I’ve put up my little posts here, they’ve come along into the comments section and deposited lots of helpful wisdom. In fact, my recent post on Strappy Camis as a halfway-step before buying an expensive bra elicited some advice so helpful that I thought I’d pull it out here into its own post, so that my fellow newbie dressers might find it more easily.

First: eBay. In my life, eBay is where I go to sell comic books and buy wargaming miniatures, not to shop for lacy underthings. But Meg pointed out that eBay was also a great place to find Bras of Unusual Size* for low prices. And she was right! It was such good advice that I ended up buying my first bra for only $10. And my second, too …

Honestly, I’m such a guy sometimes that the idea of shopping for any of my women’s wear on eBay never occurred to me. But I’m finding that there are a lot of sellers out there who have the whole eBay thing down to a science. Many of the retailers even provide specific measurements for the clothes they sell — something I’ve been wishing online retailers would do more of. Low prices, lots of variety, unusual sizes, and anonymous shopping? eBay is practically made for CDs.

In that thread, Notes from the Backseat also pointed out the existence of Bra Extenders. “Bra whats?!” you say? Well, that’s what I said, too. I swear, someone needs to write a Dummies book for us poor new girls. They exist, and they’re pretty easy to find, and they’re a partial solution to the “big bra problem” we CD girls sometimes face. I haven’t used them yet, but it’s good to know they’re out there.

Both Notes from the Backseat and reader Pat also pointed me to some websites I’d not found before, each of which has some larger size options. Lane Bryant and Woman Within I knew, of course; but I’d not yet discovered HerRoom, Roaman’s, or Silkies. That last one, especially, is a welcome find if your tastes trend the way mine do.

So, guys-who-wish-to-dress-as-girls, if you seek a better bra solution, there’s help out there for you . And thanks to the great people who contribute these tips; it’s amazing how much I don’t know about being  woman!

* “B. O. U. S.? I don’t think they exist.” >snap!<

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  • Ali,

    Right on target as always. Succinct and well written, your posts are a pleasure to read. One addition to the topic of buying bras on eBay — In general, if you DO receive a bra that doesn’t fit properly or is damaged in some way, most sellers offer some type of refund or exchange.

    But here’s the “But…”

    But be sure to keep everything that came with the bra and all documentation because it will be required in order to get your money back or to obtain an even exchange. Be as neat as you can when unwrapping the bra and leave all the annoying little T-shaped plastic tags in place until you are certain that you will be keeping the bra. Bottom line — return the bra as close as possible to the condition in which you received it, including ALL packaging.

    I HAVE bought and sold a ton of items on eBay for over 18 years and AM a happy camper there! Take Ali’s advice and give eBay a try!

    Warm Hugs,

    Randa Lane

    • So I shouldn’t just ecstatically rip all the tags off as soon as something comes because it’s Mine! Mine! Mine! Finally!? [Looks guiltily at recently arrived purchases … ]

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