February, 2013

    Fits Me To A “T”

    I recently picked up a book on Kindle about gender identity and transgender topics, because I’m sick to death of waiting for some kind of support group or gender therapist to actually, you know, come through and return a phone call or hold a meeting or something. And I read this passage, and I thought […]

    “They’re Freaky!”

    A brief story, happened tonight and I had to share. My wife and I were on the couch, watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Towards the end, my eight-year-old son came out and sat of the couch to see what we were watching. After a minute, he started ducking his head and hiding his eyes. “What’s […]

    You Don’t Belong

    You may have detected in my posts recently a desire to be part of a group. This isn’t a new development for me. I’ve always been a social loner, the kind who’s on the outside looking in even with groups I’d call “friends”; I don’t like opening myself up to people, yet I crave a […]

    Kindred Spirit

    After telling the last of my secrets to my wife late last week, she encouraged me to reach out to one of the people I’d been in contact with in the local support group. Even though there wasn’t an actual meeting the following weekend, she said, they might be willing to meet and talk over […]

    I Am Transgendered

    I have been trying to structure the events of the last seventy-two hours or so in a way that makes them a coherent enough narrative to post. It hasn’t been easy, and there’s sloppy bits that don’t make a lot of sense if you don’t have personal details I’m not willing to share. However, I […]

    Not Stepping Out This Weekend

    I was going to do it. I was going to leave the house¬†en femme. I was going to attend my first trans support group meeting, and I was going to be in women’s clothes from the skin out. But then I found out that the website calendar that promoted the event is in error. Though […]

    A Conversation

    Submitted without comment, a text conversation between my wife and myself earlier today. I’m the blue on the right; she’s the white on the left.

    My Wife Is A Wonderful Person

    Despite all my worry and quoting of dreary poetry, my world did not end when I got home last night. My wife had a PTA meeting to attend, my youngest had been throwing up all day, and my oldest had crashed the computer (again!), so I hugged my wife on her way out the door […]

    Reflections On The Day After

    Last night was … well, it felt like a big, important step. Telling her I crossdressed was hard enough; but admitting to her that I wanted to express myself openly? Dress feminine in front of her? In front of the kids? Expose the family to possible ridicule and hurt? I’m totally not comfortable today.I’m afraid […]

    Why Every Crossdresser Must Tell His Wife The Truth

    [There is also a follow-up post to this post.] A little over a month ago, I came out to my wife with my crossdressing. And then, as I’ve chronicled here before, I immediately stopped talking to her about it. Our marriage is strained, frayed, on life support — I ¬†needed to tell her my feelings […]