January 27, 2013

DIY Fashions: Perfect For Beginner Crossdressing

Ah! Sunday mornings! It’s the morning when most people go to church to feel better spiritually. I suppose it’s becoming the same for me, because Sunday mornings are when I’m alone in the house and can become Me again. It’s very centering and the feelings I get today can last me the rest of the week.

One of the things I’ve been doing this morning is playing around with some DIY fashions. While I know that other CDs out there enjoy designer wear and actual femme clothing purchased from femme stores, I’m fairly new to all this and overweight to boot; I don’t have a large wardrobe, and I don’t want to spend the money right now. For a private, once-a-week dressing in-house, DIY is just the thing for me. If you’re new to dressing and limited by either time, money, or size (or all three), you might find them helpful to you, too.

One blog I’ve quite enjoyed so far is Wobisobi. This blog has a ton of easy DIY projects on it, including a lot of no-sew projects and projects involving men’s t-shirts. If you’re like me, you have a lot of t-shirts lying around that, you know, fit you, and thus will be great as foundations for these projects. Here’s a few I like:

All of the above require no sewing ability — just scissors and an ability to follow directions. If you can sew, however, there’s even more interesting DIY clothes, like this DIY heart shirt. I want to learn to sew just to make it.

Of course, what’s a top without a bottom? Luckily, there’s lots of DIY out there for simple skirts using — you guessed it — shirts. There’s no one place I’ve found instructions here, just a lot of variations on the theme depending on what you have access to in your wardrobe. Here are a few I’ve found interesting or helpful:

These are a little more varied, and depend on the kind of shirt you have access to, but I think they all say the same thing: with a little creativity, a shirt can become a skirt with little trouble.

Again, I’m not saying these are top fashions for the girl going out en femme. This is beginner’s class, since I’m a beginner, and I thought I’d put this out there since it’s been working for me. It’s a quick way to build some wardrobe without going out and spending money or having to shop in drab. Hope it helps you explore this the way it has me!

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  • I have to admit. I don’t know a lot of ladies in your position, but isn’t Wobisobi great!? Anne is super sweet and always helpful and aren’t her tutorials the easiest things in the world!!! It’s like ten minutes of cutting and you’re super cute for the day, right? And I LOVE the no sew, one-shoulder top. I’m a very petite woman, and she makes it super easy to make tops that fit every body type perfectly.

    Have you tried any of the skirts tutorials? How well do they work out?

    • The skirt tutorials work okay. Most of them are variations on “Take a top made of strechy material and with a wide neck, put it around your waist, tie the sleeves like a bow.” Functional, especially for quiet alone time.

      • I’ve seen wrap skirts made with similar instructions. You wrap a scarf around the front of your hips and across your backside, twist it once as you go back across the front and then rewrap your bottom and tuck in on the side.

        If you’re not into bows, you could easily turn the sleeves inside out, sew them shut and make pockets. 🙂

  • Excellent post, Ali. Sooooo very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

    Warmest Hugs,

    Randa Lane

    P.S. Hope your situation with a “loved one” has gotten better. We, all of us, wish you peace, love, and joy.

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