January 9, 2013

Trying On A Name

I’ve changed the title of the blog. The old title was wordy and it didn’t fit in the title space of most templates right.

Also, this title packs more meaning. First, there’s the splitting of “Herself” into “Her Self.” That’s not an error; that’s deliberate. Herself is a simple pronoun. With Her Self, I mean to invoke a little Philosophy 101 . I recently called this whole journey an “existential crisis,” and I wasn’t wrong. This is all about figuring out who I am.

Second, I’ve shortened Ariamythe to Aria. Yesterday I was grousing about not having a name, but it was staring at me in the face all along. Ariamythe was a character I created, but don’t all good creations have a part of their creator in them somewhere? I’m still not sure of it, but I’ve decided to take the plunge and try on this name. If I decide I don’t like it, I can always go back to using Ariamythe.

So, anyways, I’m Aria. Pleased to meet you.

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